Writer's Cramp

Threw my neck out today while I was washing my hair this morning, of all things. Bad enough I went to my chiropractor for an adjustment and admonition to stop curling my shoulders over like a gnome.

It's really tough to write with my chin parallel to the floor. I'm actually typing this kind of blind, since I can't look down at my laptop screen without spasming.

I know it's all the writing I've been doing lately, the morning pages and such. There's no stopping with that, though, so I'll be icing it and having it adjusted until I can catch up on the stretching. Seems all that hunched over stuff so easy to do when writing or reading has foreshortened my neck muscles.

O'course Day 2: Return of the Zombie Choreographer probably didn't help matters, but we added another person to the dance troupe and lost one from temporary illness, so there was a lot of work to do. They're doing great though, and I'm hopeful they'll have it all put together in time.

Wrote a tad on the Hawaii project, but still the momentum is slow. The next week will be very busy and yah, I'm worried about getting my next packet done in time, especially now that I'm winged.

In the meantime, I've had lots of time to think about this Heightened Security thing that's happening now - more aggressive patdowns and backscattering scans that can penetrate skin. I'm planning travel at least twice next year, once with a group of kids and it's one thing for me to get all up in security, but the kids?

Here's Teller of Penn and Teller talking about his experience. He's willing to go to bat for the rest of us, create a test case to see how far the Feds really can go with their intimidation tactics. Is it too much to hope that traveling will become sane again by Jan. 2011?