Now Online - Guest Post at Philippine American Writer's and Artist's Inc.

Soon after Pause Mid-Flight was released, Barbara Jane Reyes asked me to share with the readers of the Philippine American Writer's and Artist's, Inc. blog about the process of creating the chapbook and CD set. 

The post is now available and writing it helped me understand a bit better my process of writing. Although writing is a solitary act, I do best when I bring that writing into a community. Having talented musicians respond to my writing was profound and humbling, an experience I dare hope to repeat again in the future. 

Here's an excerpt:

"Pause Mid-Flight is a compilation, a gathering of my poetry from the last decade or so, some published in small journals, others not at all, and one 'published' on a t-shirt worn by someone running around Greenlake, WA. I had no specific thematic concern as I put the collection together, but I did try to listen to each piece to see where it wanted to sit relative to the other pieces. I constantly looked at the themes and images of one poem to see if the next supported it or contrasted it in some way. The central poem “Pause Mid-Flight” was not originally the title of the chapbook. I thought perhaps to set a more popular poem in this spot, one that several readers thought was the strongest of the collection. The title, though felt right, reflecting how the chapbook was a pause for me as I work the journey of the writer. Pausing and reflecting is a necessary part of being a writer and linking this action to a Filipino origin story appealed to me."

The full text appearson the PAWA, Inc blogsite.

I'm happy to say that I only have 5 copies of the chapbook/CD set available, and there are no plans for reprints at this time.