Now Available: Pause Mid-Flight Chapbook/CD Set

Pause Mid-Flight
Poetry Chapbook and CD set

Surrounding Sky Studio
44 pages; 35 minutes
$15 plus shipping

In her first chapbook, Pause Mid-Flight, Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor gathers together poetry inspired by the communities in which she has lived. Drawing upon images as diverse as the Palouse Hills and the rice terraces of Northern Luzon, Mabanglo-Mayor weaves themes of struggle and celebration with issues of identity, gender, and heritage.

The included CD features musicians who perform as the author recites, creating a unique community experience that resonates with the social intimacy woven into the fabric of her verse.

Excerpt from "Pause Mid-Flight"

The kite-eagle was really the wind
tired of moving between sky and sea.
Sie was the one who started the argument,
who made the sky hail stones upon the sea,
and the sea to throw forth mountains
toward the sky. Sie did not know jealousy
could be so strong even in those First Times.

Excerpt from "Market Song"

Isn't it strange
to hear your father's language fall
around you, the sing-song phrases
drawing you in? You struggle not
to hear the secrets, the bargains
of other Tagalogs laughing
behind your back.

Featured performers: Gene Tagaban, Swil Kanim, Travis Jordan, Francisco Owens, Damon Dimitri Jones, Doug Banner, Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo, Lia and Kelvin Saxton.

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