Created a list today of potential markets for essays I'm working on now. I didn't think I was ready for this step until I had conversations with a couple students in my program and they convinced me that it was better to try than to wait until I was totally ready.

Of the 20 journals featured in the 2009 Best American Essays, I found guidelines for 10 that indicated that I'd be eligible to submit (the others, larger, only took agented or requested submissions). I found a few more tonight and I'll be sorting through them to see who will receive my first round of submissions.

I'm used to submissions - from the other side. Being a production editor, I see the manuscripts that make the final cut after peer review. Being on the submitting side of things, I'm conscious of wanting to be a 'good author' one that doesn't badger or stoop to obsequiousness. I hope that even when I get a few publications under my belt I won't assume that I know as much or more than any editor I work for. I do, however, reserve the right to kibbitz about online submission platforms. There are some really poorly made ones out there and some really good ones. I do tend to judge markets as 'better' if they have a decent online submission system. If they take the time to make things easy on authors at that stage, then they're more likely to be careful and thoughtful all the way through.

My 'little' chapbook project is nearly complete - the books are at the printer and the CD is being mastered as I type tonight. There's a thin window, but I think we'll have books available by Friday, where I hope to at least let folks know about the books at the next Swil Kanim concert. If you're in Bellingham, come 'round the Public Market at 8pm to see the show. Bring socks for the homeless as usual.

The other thing cooking is a show on Sat to launch Damon Dimitri Jones newest CD. I'll be helping to narrate the show and it's going to be cool, I'm sure. Show starts at 6pm at Bloom, Downtown Bellingham. Great macrobiotic food there.

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