A Writing Practice of Sorts

Kel and I did a short Telling performance tonight for the Edge Group at our church. Edge is the middle school youth program that meets once a month. Tonight was a 'fun night' with a theme of All Souls Day. A bit tricky since a lot of good stories for Hallows are not, shall we say, necessarily Vatican friendly.

But Kel found two from Europe and I pulled two from my usual bag of Filipino stories. I even got gussied up in my T'boli garb and thrummed my brass gong. The kids were great and seemed to enjoy the performance.

I'd hoped to write a bit tonight, get the world caught up on what's been up the last month, but I'm blasted, the adrenaline of performance having worn off about a half hour ago. I wanted to post /something/, restart the habit of writing here.

The coolest thing of the last few weeks was coming around to a writing practice of sorts, or at least the formulation of one that has proven out as workable. Saturday is my writing day, mostly in long-hand, then the week is for typing it up and refining it for review by my writing mentor. When I get stuck I either read or game, but always there's a blank page or the page where I left off waiting on the screen for that moment when I get past my block and can write a bit.

Last month I took a few days off after turning in my packet. A few days turned into almost three weeks. Not good. I was hard pressed this past week or so to finish the work. But finish it I did, three critical papers and 14 pages of new work. I tried out a few new narrative forms. I'll meet with my mentor next week to see if they panned out.

This week I had the Tell tonight, then double Tell on Saturday for Halloween - kids in the afternoon and adults in the evening. Tomorrow I hopefully will have enough brain to do a better blog post and work on more new material. Weds is Improv night. Seems like there's more to this week, but I think I can pretty much count on most nights for more writing and reading. That's pretty cool.

Today a friend read Becoming a Woman of Color and said there was much more to be said and that's true. I'm hoping that there are whole essays and maybe books-worth of stuff still to be said about growing up FilAm, Catholic, Palouse-dweller, Motherhood, etc. Right now I'm trying not to tailor the pieces in any one direction. I'm just hoping to get it a lot of it down and then maybe later, I'll spread all of it out and see what I've got.

I'll say this, though, a month ago I wasn't sure I'd be able to get a writing practice put together, and it's been a really tough month, but I'd say I'm well on my way and that makes for happy.