MFA Re-Entry

Returned from PLU's Rainier Writing Workshop Residency tired but happy. Met so many incredible artists, faculty and participants both. Learned all sorts of new terms like Rhymed Scenes, Digression (as a good thing), and Braided Essays. My two workshop pieces aren't as far along as I had hoped, but I received really good feedback as well as a sense of where to go next with them. I'm going to let the drafts mellow, though, and start creating new stuff.

I feel very fortunate to be working with Brenda Miller in the the coming months. Her work in lyric essay and her gentle discipline has been inspiring to me for many years. She's having me read three books to start:

Fearless Confessions by Sue Silverman
Writing the Sacred Journey by Elizabeth J. Andrew
New and Selected Poems: Volume One by Mary Oliver

I went into the residency with as open a heart and mind as I could manage (given my terrible nervousness) and came to a space that has to do with the question "What is Tribal and How have these themes/ideas intersected my life?" I'm not planning to write specifically /to/ answer that question, so much as I know that "tribal" will be part of my consciousness as I work my writing paces.

Although I'm happy to be home, I already miss my PLU-RWW 'tribe' and hope we can find each other in the broad spaces of the Internet. It's always good to have traveling companions.

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