Frog and Heron

"Why?" asked Frog, and Heron shuffled with discomfort.

"Self-doubt," said Heron, and the Frog smiled kindly, understanding.

"I know that feeling," said Frog. "I think sometimes that people will figure out that I can't play the violin."

Heron was amazed. She'd heard him play, seen people change from dark creatures to Creatures of Light because of his music.

"It's the same for you," Frog went on.

"But I can't play the violin," Heron replied, knowing he wasn't talking about her playing the violin.

"There's only one thing self-doubt it good for," said Frog. "Dodging responsibility."

Heron blinked. She thought about all the people waiting for the stories in her heart, the ones she had trouble getting on the page.

"I say this to you, because I need to hear it too," said Frog. "You are who you are made to be. I know you are a Writer. And responsibility is the ability to respond. And when you're ready, you *will* be able to respond."

Later Heron heard the Elder in God's House say, "It is the Holy Spirit who equips us and calls us to do His work in the world."

And on these things, the Heron meditated, grateful for their words.


Snickering Corpses said...

Sounds like a very wise frog.

Blue Llama said...

That a very insightful and meaning ful conversation. The ability to respond comes on it's own time and not ours. The wait can be frustrating, but very worth it.

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I always learn so much from Frog.

I highly recommend hearing him (Swil Kanim) in concert. :)