Filipina Writers Part 1 Broadcast

Last year, I was priviledged to read with a group of incredible pinay writers at the Pagdiriwang 2009: Words Expressed event. Writers Workshop Co-chairs Maria Batayola, Robert Francis Flor and Dale Tiffany have put together a terrific program, and promoted it incredibly well. The event was recorded for future broadcast.

PoetsWest on The Road Home from Everett, WA will broadcast today, Wednesday, June 10 at 4:30 p.m., PoetsWest #132 featuring Filipina WritersPart I.

If you are out of range for this station, the broadcast is available worldwide via streaming by going to KSER and following the Listen Live links.

PoetsWest #132 Program:

Excerpt from When the Elephants Dance (novel) — Tess Uriza Holthe
Mail Order Bride (poem) —Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor
Excerpt from Yellow is for Luck (short story) —Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor
Manyan Child (poem) —Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor
First Visit (poem) —Toni Bajado
Neighbor Child 17 (poem) —Toni Bajado

The broadcast may be archived at the AudioPort website under SERIES in the future. I'm unable to confirm. Edit - yes, it's available now, but only to pacifica affiliate stations.

Next week, the second part of the program will be broadcast.

PoetsWest #133
Filipina WritersPart II (29.09 minutes)

How to Let the Dead Go — Toni Bajado
Phone Call from War Zone — Toni Bajado
Karaoke Diva — Angela Martinez-Dy
Philippine Experience — Angela Martinez-Dy
Mom’s Stuff — Nancy Calos-Nakano
Women Cradled — Melissa Nolledo
Migration — Melissa Nolledo
Take Flight — Melissa Nolledo
The Gift — Melissa Nolledo


Anonymous said...

Hi Bec, congratulations on this. I'm going to post this on the PAWA blog, if you don't mind.

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

That would be terrific, Barbara Jane! Thanks!

A CD is being compiled and produced, btw. No details yet on release dates.