Online Writing Workshop Begins April 1

Although I haven't finished blogging about the WSU Coalition for Women Students Women of Color symposium, I've had interest in extending the workshop I presented to an online environment and thought I would open up the workshop to the greater community.

The workshop begins April 1st and will run initially for six weeks. It's open to all levels of writers and all genres of writing. I see myself as a facilitator rather than an instructor and I'll be working with the participants to create a safe, energetic, and supportive environment where writers can be in community with each other.

Here's the description:

Tao Po! Sharing Ourselves, Changing the World

Our lives are stories made of stories: ancestor stories, environment stories, relationship stories, role stories. Many of these stories are given to us without our awareness, while others are built from our experiences.

Using the babaylan concepts of kapwa, loob, and Tao Po! this workshop will focus on creatively expressing our stories throught the written word to help us find and create meaning in our experiences. We will reflect on small and big events, tease out the stories that have been given to us, and share our writing with each other. Our stories exist in the details of our lives and sharing requires a belief that our stories matter to not just ourselves but to others.

By writing down and sharing our experiences, we pass on the gift of our lives to others. Even if we are not physically with the reader, our writing can provide a new perspective and new information they would not otherwise know. Bringing our experiences to the page, even if they are cloaked with metaphors or changed slightly to protect the innocent and the guilty, a kernel of truth can be revealed. Isolation divides, but community can heal if approached with honesty and integrity. That's the beauty and wonder of writing.

Each of us has a story to tell; that's what makes each of us storytellers.
If you are a storyteller, you can write.
If you can write, you can change the world.

Leave a comment here for more details or leave an email to find out how to sign up.


Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor received her BA in Humanities from Washington State University in 1998 and her MA degree in English with honors from Western Washington University in 2003 for her thesis "Notes from the Margins," a mixed work of memoir and fiction. Her poetry and short fiction have appeared in the Byline Magazine, Katipunan Literary Magazine and the online magazine Haruah. In Spring 2008, her piece "Becoming a Woman of Color" was the First Place Winner in the Writing it Real Personal Essay Contest hosted by Sheila Bender. Her short story "Yellow is for Luck" is forthcoming in Growing Up Filipino II, edited by Cecilia Brainard, an anthology for young adults. Currently, she is a Senior Editor at a non-profit scientific publisher. She performs regularly as a storyteller, and her Twitter handle is "@wordbinder".


Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Hi Georgia,

Thanks for your interest! I will email you more info soon.

I've removed your comment so your email wasn't out there too long.


PS. Thanks Vince for linking to my post!

pi-nanay-ni-noah said...

Add me to your list!

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Thanks for dropping by L! Hopefully we'll be able to find 5 people for the class. We'll keep in touch. :)

Anonymous said...
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prosy said...

Am travelling though and may not get to your assignments on time, but truly interested in online course. How much?

teresa ejanda said...

intimidated and interested....what is the format of the class? will you ask questions for us to answer??

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...


Thanks for your interest in the Tao Po! Writing workshop. The workshop is conducted online to enable writers from different locations to interact. Each week for six weeks, I will post a writing exercise to help you focus on the stories from your experience that you would like to tell. In addition, I will give instructions on how to post your writing to the workshop forum and to provide feedback to your fellow workshop participants. The online forum will be on nicenet dot org.

My goal is to create a safe, supportive environment for developing new material. We'll have writers of all levels participating and I imagine that assignments will challenge everyone at one time or another. I'm hopeful that each participant feels they can share their work and their responses with honesty and patience. 

The cost for the six week workshop is $60. I will donate $10 of this cost to the Center for Babaylan Studies to support the 2010 conference. Payments can be made through Paypal to oakstone3 at yahoo dot com or via money order.

I look forward to working with you.

Cheers! Bec

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Anonymous posters - your comments have been removed. I will contact you soon. Thx!