Random Things

Marianne tagged me earlier this month and I suspect by extension Ver also tagged me, so here's seventeen random things about me.

1. I love memes. I find them very addicting.

2. I try to avoid memes. They're very addicting.

3. I usually, eventually, do what I'm asked to do.

4. That comes from 10 years of Catholic school, I think.

5. Kindergarten at public school was pretty fun.

6. Middle public school was not very fun.

7. I've had hair down to my waist twice in my life.

8. I cut my hair about two months ago.

9. I'm on my second hairstyle.

10. I look like something out of an 80's hair band.

11. I can't decide whether to try another cut or call my current look my "growing out stage."

12. I thought Star Wars was the weirdest looking movie I'd ever seen a trailer for.

13. Star Wars is one of my favorite movies.

14. Return of the Jedi wasn't bad.

15. The rest of the franchise was obviously written by the few misinformed midichlorians flowing through Jar Jar Bink's slobber.

16. I am hoping to rent Clone Wars soon.

17. I think this makes me an optimist.


Seventeen. That wasn't hard at all. I think I could have gone on for quite a few more random things...cause I can talk Star Wars for /days/.

Since my stats show I only get about an average of 6 hits a day, I think I'm hard pressed to find 17 people to tag. So instead, look to your right, scroll down, and check out someone from my blogroll. They're all really cool people.

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