The Miraculous Journey of BunBun the Bunny

T-minus 4 days to The Tale of Despereaux. I have great hopes for the movie, although from the trailers, I can already see that they've added scenes that weren't in the book (I think...darn, I'll have to read it again. :) What I loved best about this story is how Despereaux fell in love with books and became a better creature because of them.

Kate DiCamillo is one of those marvelous authors who not only knows how to tell a good story for children but knows how to tell a good story for the child-within-us. She believes in courage and hope and all the things we wish life could be like, but at the same time recognizes that sometimes, oftentimes, it takes struggle to attain those jewels. Adventure is part and parcel of her work and recent events coupled with the release of the movie, puts another book of hers, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

Edward Tulane was a china bunny who learned how to love and be loved, and I imagine BunBun was much the same. She left us one post-Easter a few years back, finding herself out of favor momentarily, sent to live with another family via Goodwill. Sadly, her owner regretted sending BunBun away bitterly and often cried herself to sleep wondering where BunBun could be. We discovered Edward Tulane's story about a year after BunBun left our house and we often comforted ourselves with the knowledge that somewhere, BunBun was having adventures of her own, perhaps as a tramp on a train or as a companion to a sick child.

But the loss of BunBun was heavy on the heart of her original owner and many tears were shed both in sadness and worry. Three years, she was gone, then miraculously, just like in the book, BunBun returned home, but thankfully before her first owner had grown too old to hold her close at night, never to shed a tear over her again. The tale ends with great joy as BunBun reveals to her first owner the many places she's gone - Paris, France; Wisconsin, South Dakota - to name a few.

And much rejoicing was had in our house.

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A mother's addendum - if you ever find yourself needing to find a special stuffy, seek the many eyes and warm hearts of Plush Memories Lost Toys Search Service. They also found a 'younger brother' of another beloved companion whose worn ears and never-quite-clean cloth are the badges of 11 years of loving and comfort.

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