So, How are You?

Really? Wow.

Me? I'm fine! Busy. Yep, with the whole working full time, two kids in school, MFA thing. Challenging and fulfilling describe, but don't fully encompass all that's happened since July. Torn my hair out in frustration (okay, actually had over a foot cut off and donated to Locks of love), nearly thrown in the towel more than once (but mostly just trying to keep laundry clean on a regular basis), and had a few reversals of fortune (economic downturn...need we say more?), but I'm still here, still plugging away, still living and believing the dream.

Just wanted to keep a quote from Wil Wheaton's blog that I found tonight:

This is something I tell actors all the time: you have to find ways to enjoy auditions, and as hard as it is, as counter intuitive as it is, you just can't make success or failure about booking the job. You have to make success or failure about enjoying yourself.

Substitute 'actors' for 'writers,' 'auditions' for 'manuscripts,' 'booking the job' with 'publishing the manuscript,' and you pretty much get my Ah Ha Moment. When I get tense about writing, stressed about 'making it,' I just have to remember to PLAY. Cause if it ain't fun, even when I'm struggling to find the right words, the right turn of events, the right nifty thing that must appear, then I've lost my perspective.

And as Richard Bach would say: Perspective, use it or lose it.