You Want One, I Know

The graduating class of the VCFA program gifted the first semester students (that would be me) with spiffy journals at the grad ceremony.

Not content to just give us Moleskines, they instead found journals at Ex Libris Anonymous, a purveyor of journals made of old hard bound books. Spiral bound, the journals contain ample numbers of blank pages interleaved with pages from the old book. Most of my cohort received journals made from Dr. Seuss books and Dick and Jane tomes. Me, I got a journal made from "Tom Swift and His Space Solatron"

As Ver would say, you're jealous. I know it.


Galatea Review: Beijing Background

Now appearing in issue 10 of Galatea Resurrects:

Beijing Background by Bob Marcacci (Dis Press, Beijing, 2007)
Reviewed by Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor

Beijing Background rolls and rollicks, hums and clatters with all the background noise inherent in a city over 17 million strong. Marcacci's eight poems bring our ears and attentiveness to the things unnoticed with the deft skill of the musician and the involved observer. ...more...

68 reviews grace the issue! A feast of poetry!



Where am I these days? As the tagline shows I'm at a ten day residency for:

Vermont College of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults

**big grin** Yep, I made it!

To read my adventures, please see the entries at What If?

In general, I'm still nervous and excited, but now I'm also tired, which they tell me is really, really normal.