Two Dozen Days

...before I leave for Vermont College.

I'm having anxiety attacks. I can't put two words together that lead very far. I worry about the money to pay for school. I worry about my family and my job. I worry that my words won't be strong enough to carry the dream. But somehow, this quote helps me feel a bit better:

...words aren't cheap. They are very precious. They are like water, which gives life and growth and refreshment, but because it has always been abundant, we treat it cheaply. We waste it and pollute it and doctor it. Then, when we take a drink from a city faucet, we wrinkle our nose and say: "This is terrible water." And we blame the water because we have misused it. [Katherine Paterson]

Words might be a renewable resource, but like all renewable resources, it has to be treated with respect and reverence.

I've been working to clean my resevoir, and sometimes I've mistaken the gunk for life-giving, and the life-giving for gunk. But mostly, I've seen my words as cheap because of this abundance, and that is a terrible mistake.

Another quote, an aphorism really, one found in a book I just finished reading (Elijah of Buxton - excellent middle grade reader):

Familiarity breeds contempt.

Respecting my own words. That's what it's all about today.


Snickering Corpses said...

Will pray for the Lord's guidance for your trip, Rebecca.

Sarah said...

So it seems I'm not the only super-stressed incoming student.
See you soon.