Sometimes, oftentimes really, all the parts that make up my life seem to get out of sync. There's this project and that crisis and this conflict and that resolution. First a great tragedy, then great comfort mixed with writing challenges and travel. I found this the other day and somehow it made me feel much better:

See, the metronomes are all the different parts of my life now, often strumming along at different beats, tugging and pulling me every which way. But they're all there and they're all part of me, and when I allow them to share energy, allow the chaos of movement that is change, then I have great hope that soon, things will settle out, synchronize and all will be well again.

In the meantime, there's a new story brewing that I hope will take shape over the next few days. This is the part of writing I like best, I think, the plotting and planning and getting to know the characters. I'm hopeful it will turn into a YA novel, or perhaps a middle grade reader.

School starts in a couple of months, but I'll need to send in 20 pages by the 23rd. I'm reading picture books and children's novels at a rapid pace, but haven't been able to update my GoodReads blog yet. Writers for children carry a different sort of passion than I've seen in writers for adults. Neither worse nor better, just /different/ in the sense that they have a deep commitment to making a difference in children's lives, whether by telling the stories about their lives that children can't quite articulate or by giving children hope in the future by helping them make sense of their world. I'm not certain I could call myself a children's writer yet, but I'm looking forward to learning and growing through the experience.

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