Run-up to SCBWI

Headed out this weekend to attend SCBWI Western Washington Conference...which I see is sold out. Whoa. I'm glad I got my reg. in a few weeks back.

I want to pitch a couple of picture books, but I registered late and didn't get any pitch appointments with agents/eds. I feel like I need to bring /something/ though, so I'll bring copies of the manuscripts at least. I'm also trying to remember how to do a cold pitch letter. I learned about cold pitches the last time I was at a SCBWI conference... ten years ago in Honolulu... So to the Intertubes I go tonight.

Came across this terrific article on Query Letters by Nathan Bransford of the Curtis-Brown Agency. It's got the skinny on the hook-line-and-sinker of how to capture an agent's attention with a simple 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. If nothing else, I have a template to use when I send queries out after the conference.

I know publication isn't the focus for the MFA program at VC, but it's something I have/want to keep my feelers into while I'm in the program. It's a way to understand the audience you're approaching, I think. I don't want to become market driven, but knowing what's out there, what's worked, and what's being looked for will help me develop ideas more carefully, I think.

I've been updating my Goodreads Blog complete with a few annotations. So many books to read before the residency starts. Just counting the faculty books at one each is 17 books and in many cases of authors that are doing work I'm interesting in producing, I'm hoping to read at least two books, maybe three. In the meantime, I've been tagged by Dawn, one of my future classmates with the following meme:

  • Grab your WIP (work-in-progress)

  • Find page 30 of the MS or page 3 for PBs

  • Find the fifth sentence.

  • Post the next three sentences.

  • Tag five people

  • So, from my WIP which I may/may not work on during VC:

    She eyed the other two again. "Well, I got corn fritters cooling on the table and hot coffee if you don't mind the burn."

    She stepped out of the house and started shooing them in as if they were chickens. "No need to be hanging on my doorstop like a bunch of vagabonds," she muttered, then shut the door behind them once they'd all crossed the threshold.

    Betty is such a cool character.

    Alrighty - Not sure who's reading me anymore, so if you're here, consider yourself tagged.

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