Riding the Wave

Writing begets writing.

I'm going to have that printed and framed, I think.

So riding the crest of my work last night, I took three unpublished pieces from my files and sent them off to an essay contest. When I sat down to work, I thought I had a month to get the pieces ready, but a quick check of the submission guidelines revealed that the contest would end on the 30th of April... and the submissions are due tomorrow.

Again, it would have been easier to give up and look for another contest, but my 'big project' including shaping these three pieces into the best state I thought they could be. So, I took them out, dusted them a bit, and sent them off. Thankfully the contest had a terrific submission system that allowed me to pay the reading fee via PayPal.

I lurv the Intertubes.

I also got an update on a reading I'm giving in early June. The program is shaping up nicely and I'm looking forward to meeting all the other writers. I'll post details once I receive the official blurb.

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