161 Meme

Leny tagged me recently with the 161 Meme, having been tagged by Luisa Igloria (since half the fun of meme-tagging is seeing who tagged who and what they answered).

The sixth line of the 161st page of Kapwa: The Self in the Other is:

of his forefathers. Nowadays, he performs the Palaw'an tribal rituals instead of attending Christian

I hereby tag: Ver, Barbara Jane, Oliver, Carol, and Kim. (Post the 6th line of the 161th page of the book you're reading, blog it, and tag 5 more bloggers.)

There's synchronicity in memes, sometimes in the interaction between tagged and tagger, the meme and the answer, the combo of the two, and every permutation in between.

The passage the meme brought me to is about Aureaus Solito, filmmaker and Christian, descendant of shaman-chieftains of Palawan who views himself whole with the action of his art. For him there is no self-division along lines of religion, social group, economy, or age - rather than choosing one part of his heritage over another, he embraces it all. He states "I've imbibed the philosophy that everything is enough."

Nourished by wholeness.

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