Thirty Makes Two

Just finished revising two short stories for submission to an anthology and feeling /good/. Just a tad nervousness batching them out via email, but they're gone now, my little children, off to make there way in the world. Hopefully they won't both come back with skinned knees and bruises from the journey.

What was best about it is that I got a chance to practice endings and middles, as well as just get back into the routine of writing toward a finish.

I'm finding that I work best in 30 day chunks, likely a carry over from NaNo last year. I won't be doing NaNo this year, not until I finish the novel I wrote last year for submission and I'm several weeks, if not months from /that/ goal.

I'm looking forward to October, though, as I switch gears from fiction to poetry/painting. I just need to find the special paper I had bought a couple of weeks ago for the project, the paper I'm sure I've buried in a box that's now packed in storage **rolls eyes**. Tidying up and rearranging the house has certain hazards to writing.

It's rainy here, and for a few hours tonight, we had lost power. Likely a tree went down somewhere nearby. We need to resupply ourselves with batteries and candles for the winter. I'm glad Fall is here, though, all wet and gold leafy and cool.

I get my best writing done this time of year.

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