Goodbye and Good Riddance

Japan's Prime Minister Resigns

"TOKYO, Sept. 12 -- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who resigned abruptly on Wednesday after a year in power, has for weeks been a walking political corpse...

"His judgment in picking a cabinet had proven faulty in the extreme, as scandals and ineptitude had pushed four ministers to resign and one to kill himself.

"Contrary to studies of the "comfort women" issue by the Japanese government, which disclosed more than 100 documents showing Japanese military involvement in the building of brothels and recruitment of women, Abe insisted there was no documentation proving that the military coerced Asian women into prostitution."


Abe ducked the apology demanded by the US through the efforts of Laban for Lolas, but he's resigned and that's progress to me.

The Lolas' stories still need to be told, still need to be answered, but for today, I am happy for this victory.

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