Just back from our South Dakota/Nebraska-Family Reunion/Great American Adventure.

It's good to be home.

Hot back there, but not as hot as it could have been. In fact, we arrived during a storm and we left during a storm, so I guess that means we gifted the area with Washington hospitality (ie. rains... rains... more rains).

Saw Rushmore, Jewel Cave, Crazy Horse, Mammoth Dig, and Toadstool Park. Stayed at Sylvan Lake Lodge near Custer, SD and Fort Robinson, NB. Visited with 50 relatives on DL's side, two gravesites, and were visited by many Relations (Buffalo, Antelope, Owl, Chipmunk, Hummingbird....).

It was good to be away for a few days, even better to be back home. I'm feeling more focused and energized - inspired, really, to get projects organized and worked on fairly methodically. I have several overdue projects that I thought abandoned before vacation, but now I'm feeling the need to complete them, even if only for the sake of completing them.

Got a fair amount of insight into the novel and a few notes/sketches done for the chap - both good things.

Best, though, on that front was reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman - I highly recommend it! He takes that theme of What happened to the gods of the old world when the immigrants came to America and brings it around deftly. He laid a bunch of great threads out in the first half of the book and it was incredible to see him weave them all back together again by the end. Little things. Things that could have easily been left as just background material. But there are no wasted themes, characters, moments in Gaiman's book. Pretty cool to watch a master at his work. And his Acknowledgments were almost as interesting as the book - that's the kind of support system I hope to create for myself as time goes on.

Next, I'd like to pick up Anasazi Boys, but I have Peter and the Starcatchers to read first, then all the books I've picked up since the beginning of the year that I've not gotten to...

It was my birthday about a week ago, and I'm feeling very much like it's a New Year for me, resolutions and all.

All and all, though, I'm pretty happy about everything that's humming in my life.

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