Gura mentions dreaming recently

I dreamed early this morning. A True Dream. One of those dreams you know happened someplace else, sometime else, but happened, because you don't have dream-memories, but real memories, that faint taste on the tongue, that sense of needing to be elsewhere to finish what was started.

It was a hero's dream, saving a group from a bad leader, taking the rap for sending the leader packing because it's the Rule and if you break the Rules then bad things happen - you cease being a good leader, a good hero. Then came the part where we faced off the Big Baddy who was hiding in the library. Me and my crew of Newbies, the scars of punishment still stinging, bleeding, healing. Didn't matter - the Big Bad had to go and we were the ones to do it. Just hope we didn't lose any one in the process.

I've been thinking Babaylan of late, having found Sayaw Bathala and other pointers to Babaylan work/magery. I connected with babaylan I hadn't in months, hope to connect with more. It's working it's way into the novel and it's working its way into healing old wounds I carry. All good things. Amazing, actually.

Tomorrow I head off to Seattle to catch a plane to South Dakota Friday for DH's family reunion/50th Anniversary celebration. It's swealtering hot there and yet again, I'm sure I'll be reminded that I might /look/ like an island girl, but I'm NW skin to bone.


Marianne said...

Wow, I love the writing in this!

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Thanks for dropping by, Marianne!

I appreciate your thoughts on my writing.