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The sixth issue of Galatea Resurrects is now online. The Golden Keeper of the Keys lists the bounty of this issue's harvest.

For this issue, I had the opportunity to review the book and DVD set Kool Logic/La logical Kool by Urayoan Noel. Noel is a New Beat poet with a keen eye for cultural criticism and a sharp wit.

Patrick Rosal's Uprock Headscramble and Dive and American Kundiman are both reviewed as are Ivy Alvarez's Mortal not once but twice in addition to A Slice of Cherry Pie.

So many good books and book reviews to read!

* * * *

I keep meaning to write more about my SF trip, but I'm in the throes of completing a paper on Storytelling as an act of decolonization. Late into the process I realized that the coolest thing would be to not just draw on my own limited experience, but to interview other Tellers of Filipino heritage. So then it was a matter of scheduling interviews and doing them... which is where I'm at. *whew* Good stuff. Even the short pre-interview I did with Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo showed that Telling is a very conscious art seeking to reconnect and renarrate with lost heritage. I'll be chatting with him tonight via my New Nifty Technology and then it will be a matter of pulling nice, juicy quotes from the recorded transcript.

* * * *

Last weekend was incredible, though - what started as a simple day trip to celebrate a nephew's birthday turned into an opportunity to meet the commander of the 26th Cavalry, Philippine Scouts whom my grandfather served during WWII (yep, he's still alive and kicking, even at age 90) as well as an elder vet who served in Company E, yet knew my grandfather during war time (Lolo was in Company A). He asked me to /email/ him and he'd tell me all about my grandfather! All this wonderfulness happened because my best friend from high school sent me an email saying "Are you going to this event?" which turned out to be the National conference for the society.

So much to share about that event too... but also for later.

* * * *

Just this last thing - I realized recently that poetry is about the tension between the effable and the ineffable, the conjunction of form and un-formed.

Thank you Eileen and kari edwards for this gift of insight.

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