SF was da BOMB, I tell ya! *grin*

Okee... So I'm still processing the awesomeness that was my weekend in Cali, but I wanted to post a few pix for those awaiting juicier details than I've shared so far.

Soo.... Courtesy of my wonderful friends and co-workers, I arrived at the California College of the Arts in this snazzy towncar:

driven by photographer Francisco, He-Who-Feasts-At-Taco-Trucks. At CCA I played Bag Lady with my two rolling carry-ons, but managed dinner and downtime before the memorial tribute to kari edwards, where I was scheduled to meet the illustrious Galatea. Unfortunately, the lighting at the venue was poor, and I wasn't able to get any good pix. The reading was terrific though - before reading about kari on Eileen's blog, I had not read any of hir work. Several of keri's friends and colleagues read from her various collections, and I was glad to add keri's work to my collection. Eileen did a stunning job with translating one of keri's number poems in to Ilocano. I hope Eileen gets a chance to record her translation complete with kulintang accompaniment. Her interpretation/chant was haunting and visceral, and I wish I'd had the wherewithall to record her that night.

Being an Artist-on-a-Budget, I was very grateful that Eileen invited me to stay at her city flat for the weekend.

With a nice place to call homebase for the weekend, I decided to play tourist on Saturday, first walking the Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral

then catching the bus to Chinatown for some walkies and lunch

While searching for various goodies, I heard gongs and drums, so I followed the sounds to a martial arts demo in an alley

I admit I got a bit lost trying to find the Fortune Cookie Factory, but happily stumbled upon City Light's Books where I found several books I'd been searching for.

Is that Kerouac Alley, Bec? Why yes it is! And Yes, I also picked up my very own copy of HOWL.

Refreshed from my stop at the local literary hot spot, I resumed my search for the elusive Fortune Cookie Factory. Who knew there could be so many alleys in Chinatown? Finally, success!

Whew! So, my tired feet craved a rest, so it was time to be really touristy and find a cable car to ride.

I hopped on the first one I could find and ended up at Fisherman's Wharf.

where I munched on chocolate raisin sourdough bread from Boudins

and snapped pix of Alcatraz

After catching the cable car back up the hill, I stopped off at the Cable Car museum to check out How Things Work

Then ended my Saturday with Mango Tuna sushi at Sushi Rock.

On Sunday I brunched with the fabulous Bermeo Duo

then hung out again at City Lights Books before the Achiote Press launch of Achiote Seeds.

The reading at Canessa Gallery was an incredible experience, with readings from Barbara Jane Reyes, Oscar Bermeo, Todd Melicker, and Alfred Arteaga. I read from my review/response published in Achiote Seeds and with the exception of dropping the last page of my manuscript on the floor, I think the reading went well. I hope to have footage of the event online soon.

The bonus was meeting the legendary Ver Montes and her stellar wit.

I wanted to hold time still in my hand, to keep hanging with all these wonderful people, but alas, all too soon, it was time to return home.

Thanks again to the Gang at the Office, BJ, Oscar, Eileen and Tom, Craig and Jennifer, Hubby and Gals, and especially SF for creating such a wonderful adventure.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun for you. I'm glad you had the chance to go. ~~Rita

Elizabeth said...

Too cool! -Beth

barbara jane said...

fun times, bec! i am so glad you came down, and that we finally had some time to both chill and work together!


Hallo from Europe!
Chanced on your site... would like to link with you. Checked some links are not "hot" anymore especially on Babaylanes. We have a network of Filipinas here in Europe with that name, Babaylan.
Warm regards,

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Hi Marlou!

Thanks for dropping by and letting me know about the old links. I'll add yours as soon as I can. Please feel free to add me to your link list.

I look forward to exploring your sites!