Spring Cleaning, Spring Planting

The petition may be 800 strong and growing but we need to keep our grandmothers in the forefront of our attention. The current goal is 1000 signatures, but even better would be 200,000 signatures, one for every documented woman and girl enslaved and raped in the Philippines during WWII.

Spring is about renewal, of moving past the dead leavings of winter and allowing new life to sprout and grow. It means uncovering and removing the dreck of our lives, our consciousness, the things we don't need any more, the things cluttering up and potentially choking out the newer things coming through to reach the sun.

It's about seeing what is, what's in our houses and in our closets, both real and in our minds and hearts, dusting off the forgotten treasures, fixing the things that need fixed, letting go of the things we don't need any more.

Spring is also about planting and planning, of hoping and preparing for a better, brighter tomorrow. About rearranging the soil, loosening things up, nurturing new thoughts and new perspectives, then letting them grow into what they are mean to be.

Last year was about exploring for me; exploring different possiblities, pursuing old dreams and new projects, seeing what could and couldn't be done between an 8-to-5 job, two kids in elementary school, a loving husband, and various health issues. It was a rich year, richer than I had imagined, but also scattered, with no one project really taking my whole attention which isn't exactly what I thought would happen.

So with Spring this year, I'm taking a different approach, looking at things from a more integrated viewpoint, learning how to be content with smaller steps of progress instead of seeing a general lack of great movement as failure.

I'm also looking for more focused, external support. I'm great about taking classes, getting training and buying resources/tools. Now I need to tap into the means to nurture projects on a more long term basis.

I picked up a copy of Demystifying Grant Seeking in the hopes I can turn my "Gosh if I only won the lottery" into finding and gaining access to Other People's Money to fund my projects and writing. It's a nice big seed, hefty by book standards, but I'm hoping ample enough to carry me through the next stage of things.

It's about putting vision together with action, but it's also about gratitude and being thankful for what resources I already have, and what bits and pieces of the projects I can accomplish with the time and money at hand.

More blogs may be in order... hard to say, but that's the thing about seeds, the more you have to spread around, the more likely it is that something good will grow.

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kelvin said...

Good thoughts. The sun has come out here these past few days and it's helping shed light on the dark corners I've ignored too long. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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