Helluva Week

If the week had been different - well, let's not get into regret-mode, shall we?

How 'bout one of those reverse memes? I make up a question and then answer it here:

1) Today's program was brought to you by the word Snow and the color Yellow.

2) Coq Au Vin. He did a great job and I hope he'll cook it again.

3) Yep, they're wonderful people. I hope we're able to keep in touch.

4) Yeah, I'm afraid of that too.

5) Felt wonderful. I'll likely get a massage from her again.

6) No, I don't think either one of them realizes what they're doing to their kids emotionally.

7) Enmeshment problems.

8) Asleep with two cats.

9) Yeah, I have my suspicions but as they say 'pick your battles.'

10) Write, of course, keep working on the novel revision.

What'll be interesting is if I remember the questions a year from now. I'm resisting the urge to write them down secretly someplace else.

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