Helluva Week

If the week had been different - well, let's not get into regret-mode, shall we?

How 'bout one of those reverse memes? I make up a question and then answer it here:

1) Today's program was brought to you by the word Snow and the color Yellow.

2) Coq Au Vin. He did a great job and I hope he'll cook it again.

3) Yep, they're wonderful people. I hope we're able to keep in touch.

4) Yeah, I'm afraid of that too.

5) Felt wonderful. I'll likely get a massage from her again.

6) No, I don't think either one of them realizes what they're doing to their kids emotionally.

7) Enmeshment problems.

8) Asleep with two cats.

9) Yeah, I have my suspicions but as they say 'pick your battles.'

10) Write, of course, keep working on the novel revision.

What'll be interesting is if I remember the questions a year from now. I'm resisting the urge to write them down secretly someplace else.


On Humility

To be humble is to accept that while there will always be individuals more and less advanced than yourself, those on all parts of the spectrum of development can provide you with insights that further your personal evolution.

Recognizing these insights is a matter of opening yourself to the fact that not only do others think and feel differently than you, but their life experiences have shaped them in a very different way than yours have shaped you.

This means that while you may have a greater understanding in some areas, others will always be able to teach you something. When you cultivate a genuine yearning to know what skills and talents those you encounter have been blessed with, you cannot help but learn humility. You instinctively understand that emotions like envy breed resistance that prevents you from growing, and that being flexible in your interactions with others will help you connect with unexpected mentors.

~from Of Equal Worth



Forgiveness means giving up all hope of a better past.

--Landrum Bolling



1) One Galatea review done (will send tomorrow after one final edit, I promise, Chatelaine);

2) One family crisis dealt with;

3) Two sets of training scheduled;

4) Two new blogs created for new clients;

5) Another school fundraiser completed;

6) One hubby business trip survived;

7) Four new books purchased (all self-improvement, so nothing literary to report here);

8) One collection of Filipino myths ordered;

9) Bills paid; 2007 budget forthcoming; 2006 taxes dreaded;

10) Two new friendships forged and a whole bunch of life-contemplations completed.

We will now return to our regularly scheduled novel-revisioning.