First Day

The first day of 2007 is nearly done...

2006 was a good year, big year of change, many more changes than I expected.

Events that float to the top:

1) Going to Victoria to receive Reiki training;
2) Getting on the local storytelling circuit, performing some, getting paid to perform, and training with EthNohTec and Gene Tagaban;
3) Writing the first start to finish draft of a novel;
4) Writing and publishing poetry online;
5) Lecturing at the CAPTIVATE conference at WSU;
6) Connecting with artist-geek-writers from around the world.

For 2007 I hope for more of the same, because it really was a good year, and all in all, despite my anxiety tonight, I'm feeling pretty happy.

I'll only add one more to the list - I'd like to get healthier this year, lose some weight, strengthen my body, and generally face the emotional issues that cause me to throw french fry-excessive chocolate-massive cookie binging-decafe grande extra hot mocha-tantrums in nearly regular intervals.

Currently I've got four writing projects in the works, two small, one medium, and one really gianormous (can you say second, third, and submission novel drafts?). I hanker for more, though, like the couple of children's books and the few poetry thingies.

But first things first - writing is a discipline. So is getting healthy.

Time to get conscious again.

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