Broke 15k on my nano today. Feels pretty good even if I'm still about a day behind on word count. Nerves got to me, I think, both with the NaNo and with storytelling, but as I'm learning, it was just a matter of getting up and doing something that made all the difference.

Performed a couple stories at an event called Flight put on by a group of ecclectic artists from the area. The telling wasn't as smooth as I'd liked but the kids sure seemed to enjoy it. I'll have to work on the Heron and Hummingbird story a bit more before it flows as well as the Alitaptap story.

Beat tired now, though, so I might only squeeze in one YouTube video before I turn in.

Anyway, the mantra for these days is Decide and Do. All the rest is just stuff that may never ever happen, so why worry about it?

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