There's no time left, really, to finish everything I'd hoped to before NaNo, and one of those things was to watch/read some library finds from a couple of weeks ago. I'm writing them down here with their call numbers so I can check them out in Dec.


The 20th Anniversary National Storytelling Festival (j372.64 National 1431)
Tell Me a Story Vol. 3 (j372.64 National-3 1434)


Bataan and Corregidor (j940.54 Black)
Why the Pina Has a Hundred Eyes by N. Sta. Romana-Cruz (Folklore j398 Cruz)
The Carabao-Turtle Race by S. M. Ventura (Folklore j398 Ventura)
Festivals of the World - Philippines (j394.2 Mendoza 1999)
Powow Summer by M.R. Rendon (j394.2 Rendon)

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