Continued the cleanup of my net spaces here and converted all but one blog to BetaBlogger.

The remaining blog was deleted for lack of need.

Added more info to The Novel (TM). Decided to not post the general outline of the story yet, to keep at least some suspense. Possiblity later of creating separate blog for just the outline so I have it handy... Or I could just write myself an email, I guess...

Spent yesterday smoozing with the folks and getting a bit of a spa treatment as part of the launch of my cousin's new home business. Bought makeup. I buy makeup once every couple of years for the holiday picture season, but in general, have never bought anything 'fancy' not like this stuff. We had dinner with my cousins at iSushi...oh so yummy. Came home late last night, so I had to crash for a couple of hours today, but did make it to the planning meeting for an event I'm telling stories at later this month.

Tinkering with the blogs though has been the most fun today.

I feel /organized/.

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