Continued the cleanup of my net spaces here and converted all but one blog to BetaBlogger.

The remaining blog was deleted for lack of need.

Added more info to The Novel (TM). Decided to not post the general outline of the story yet, to keep at least some suspense. Possiblity later of creating separate blog for just the outline so I have it handy... Or I could just write myself an email, I guess...

Spent yesterday smoozing with the folks and getting a bit of a spa treatment as part of the launch of my cousin's new home business. Bought makeup. I buy makeup once every couple of years for the holiday picture season, but in general, have never bought anything 'fancy' not like this stuff. We had dinner with my cousins at iSushi...oh so yummy. Came home late last night, so I had to crash for a couple of hours today, but did make it to the planning meeting for an event I'm telling stories at later this month.

Tinkering with the blogs though has been the most fun today.

I feel /organized/.


Beauty Happens

Thunderstorm damp surprise

This is the first line of a 15 line poem written by our five year old using magnetic poetry today at a children's museum. 15 lines. *shakes head*

I wish I had the other 14 lines, but Hubby didn't have a camera at the time and can only remember this one line.

Beautiful, eh?

I'm one lucky mom.


There's no time left, really, to finish everything I'd hoped to before NaNo, and one of those things was to watch/read some library finds from a couple of weeks ago. I'm writing them down here with their call numbers so I can check them out in Dec.


The 20th Anniversary National Storytelling Festival (j372.64 National 1431)
Tell Me a Story Vol. 3 (j372.64 National-3 1434)


Bataan and Corregidor (j940.54 Black)
Why the Pina Has a Hundred Eyes by N. Sta. Romana-Cruz (Folklore j398 Cruz)
The Carabao-Turtle Race by S. M. Ventura (Folklore j398 Ventura)
Festivals of the World - Philippines (j394.2 Mendoza 1999)
Powow Summer by M.R. Rendon (j394.2 Rendon)

Long Journeys

You know you've been on a long journey when you can barely remember the login/password to your main blog *chuckle*

Yep, and it has been a long journey these past few weeks, basically ever since school started. Shortly after my oldest started school 5 years ago, I've realized that once school starts for the year, it's one long slide from Sep. 1 to Dec. 31 down a steep and rocky hill where it takes all your wits and prayer to make it through all the insane bumps and turns that come at you... or you run into... and sometimes you just don't make it around every tree or over every gully smoothly.

With one in fourth grade (the dreaded year of overwhelming homework we were told) and one in kindergarten, it's been more than a bit crazy around here. I had great plans in the Summer to make a Master Calendar and Master To Do list, so we be more organized and able to handle changes. The To Do list came out in the form of a 5x7 purple card complete with little boxes to check stuff off. The top item was Master Calendar and on another To Get list was "stuff to make" Master Calendar.

Only about half the Purple Card got marked off before school started, and in fact, if you wanted to get technical about it, there's stuff marked off that's only half complete - all the uniforms aren't labeled yet and there's still a batch of mending to be done. But I try to think of it as projects half done and not half undone, but sometimes I'm a half empty sort of gal.

So the stuff for the Master Calendar was purchased and is in various pieces around my house. Somewhere. I lost track of it after day 1 of school, when the sign-ups for volunteer work started. And the ballet lessons. And the guitar lessons. And Junior Scouts. Oh, lets not forget the First Parent Teacher Club meeting and the parenting speaker (who was really cool) and the first round of colds that always hits right about two weeks after school starts (oh the joy of disease vectors known as School Aged Children).

I think the permanent To Do board finally got up about two weeks ago after a frenzy to purchase all the fabric necessary to build 2 All Saints Day costumes (Virgin Mother and St. Veronica - thank goodness no martyrs this year!) and convert existing costumes into acceptable Halloween costumes (they have the option to wear saints costumes on the 31st, but that's just not quite the same, eh? So we now have one Hermione costume with /large/ witch's hat and one fairy princess). I learned how to make quick cloaks and long tunic dresses in the SCA years ago and never knew it would come in handy after we left the group.

The first item on the To Do board is the Master Calendar, needed now that we've added Chess Club (or Math Olympiad, she hasn't decided yet), a meditation group for Hubby, a regular storytelling gig (maybe two) per month for me, and a couple of workshops. Plus there's the whole - so where are we spending Thanksgiving and how many days are we taking off? and how about Christmas? And don't forget about Dad's birthday.

With NaNoWriMo just around the corner, our mantra has recently become "Sorry, can't do that until after the New Year." and "I'll/We'll have to figure that out in December." and "If it ain't on the calendar (our simple and very inadequate church calender with the wee little boxes) now then it ain't happenin'."

And that includes the Master Calendar, I'm afraid, unless somehow between shuttling the girls to where they need to be the next month while I write, my Hubby (my darling one who's eyes glaze when I even mention Master Calendar) gets inspired to make said Master Calendar in the next few weeks, I imagine that the To Do board will still read [] Master Calendar sometime around Easter 2007.


Highlights of the Last Few Weeks

*Two paid storytelling gigs. The first, on a cold September day at the Farmers Market, I tried doing a personal story along with a Filipino folktale. The personal story did better than the folktale, but the delivery of both was poorer than I would hope. The second gig at the Public Market was indoors and garnered me the opportunity to do a gig at an upcoming event.

*One monthly volunteer storytelling gig. The Alderwood Senior Center folk are darling and wonderful, although at first I was nervous to be there - both my grandparents died at Senior Centers, but I'm coming around to a sense that had I been a teller then perhaps they would have enjoyed listening as much as my present audience does.

*Committed to doing NaNoWriMo this year with more sense of preparation than in previous years. I'm still not quite done with my 'seven days' of preparation Chris Baty recommends, but the website is up with notes and everything and I've signed up for a class locally, so I think I'm pretty much set. Nervous does not even begin to describe the space I'm in right now, but this time, I sense that determination (and the incredible support of my family) will make a huge difference this year.

*Storytelling is still very present. Performance storytelling that is, in that although I'm doing NaNo, I'm also schedule to perform once, see the fabulous Eth Noh Tec, and actually take a workshop with ENT while they're here. Letting go of a sense that I'm shooting myself in the foot with these commitments and favoring storytelling over writing is something I'm struggling with.

*Other cool writing on the horizon. Participating in Achiote Press's new journal project and reading/responding to BJ's work is something I'm really looking forward to, as is reviewing for Galatea Resurrects (I think I'll keep whom I'm reviewing a bit of a secret for now). Lastly, with all this storytelling running around in my life, I thought I'd see if I could examine how this process of becoming a storyteller (learning both the craft and a great many Filipino Myths) is a decolonizing act. I'd also like to finally get more columns and poetry up at Haruah whose editors have been so patient with me while I see...

*Doctor after Doctor after Doctor. One of my blog ideas is to one day write about my struggle with Chronic Fatigue. Six months ago I started to see a series of docs basically because my primary provider decided that this year would be a good year to go on maternity leave and the series of 'treatments' and 'tests' have really dragged me down, almost as bad as the condition itself. I need to get a flu shot, but after all the testing and visits I've had recently, I'm none too keen on getting poked Yet Again. I'm to the point where I'm like Whatever, give me the med you think will work /this/ time and let me get /on/ with my life, thankyouverymuch. My Reiki practice is basically nonexistent, but a couple of recent 'coincidences' is bringing me around to starting again.

*Revamped this blog's sidebars to reflect more of Me (or Moi, as the Chatelaine is so fond of saying). There are now a set of sites written by Famous People I Hope To Meet One Day But For Now I Can Be Satisfied With Reading Their Lives (BKA Breath and Fire because they challenge and inspire me the way only hero/mentors can from a distance). Plus a bit better organization of site for research, publication, and community. Today I'll be updating BJ's listing adding Noel Vera's Critic After Dark (whose work I'd love to get into more, but it's really hard to get a sense of context in a town where indie films are considered a bit... foreign...and I can't attend the screenings he attends/promotes) and Cristina Querrer who I met by accident at HoverSpot (I had a shortlived blog there) and who's artistry melds the kind of layeredness I try to put into my own work.

*Research. I love researching projects, almost as much as I love writing them up. Research on Slavery in the Philippines. HipHop Dance. Indigenous Trees. Chinook Wawa. Bataan. More Filipino Myths and Tales.


So Life.

Yeah, that's what I've been up to recently. This has been a nice little rest stop before I start the next leg of my journey.

I'll try to update one more time before NaNo, but in case I'm not here, I'll be letting my hair loose with Maganda's Comb



For every privilege there is an equal and opposite oppression.


It is my responsibility to honor all by expressing
who I am in the context of community. My self expression has
most constructively been expressed through my heritage of music
and spoken word. Self expression in community is not selfish.
In fact, self expression in community identifies who we the people

both - Swil Kanim