Role Playing

I've hit the portion of the Marshall Plan that's basically character creation.

*chuckle* It's like I'm back playing Traveller again.

Only this time there's an Internet and I can go here to find almost every kind of character and plot building sheet out there without having to invest in a book or set.

It's entirely too much fun.

And I can also find names pretty easily - although choosing a name for my lead is an interesting process. I know she was born around 1986 in the US - I had originally thought to name her a popular name from the Philippines but then realized if she's US born, likely she'd have an American name. Interestingly, the Social Security Adminitration keeps stats of names by year all the way back to 1879. Then I realized I had to make a decision - is she a 'full' blood pinay?

I need to give her a sense of detachment/ambivalence from her heritage at the beginning. My experience is likely skewed since most of the pin@y writers I have met of that age group are writers and activists, but it seems that 1.5 gen pin@ys are /really/ conscious of their heritage and still connect heavily with family and politics back in the Philippines. And I'm not certain I could carry 1.5 gen character fully as lead through the length of a novel.

She could, though, be hapa, half and half, but I am a little loathe to do the classic "half-breed" issues that often come up in lit - the cliche'd-ness of it - is she white, is she pinay? does she care? Race is an important factor, but I don't want it to overshadow the novel either. It's more about an internal cultural struggle...

Which makes it all the more "autobigraphical"...something I both recognize but want to tweak. She's not me, because she won't have the same experiences (duh, I've never actually gone up against a released ancient spirit before with only an old comb and my wits).

Me? Overthink much? derned grad school anyway...*wink*

So, I'll stick with full blood, second gen pinay.

Okay, so in classic RPG style, I have the list of top 100 names from 1986 and two D-10s. I rolled a 39. Lindsay. Ummm... I'll have to think about /that/.

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