In my Urban Fantasy novel, a twenties something college student witnesses a murder and is pursued by the previously trapped spirit of a Spanish slaver sent by a murdering and ancient local mondo spirit bent on possessing her power and her totem. As a result, my lead decides to find out more about the being pursuing her and the magic involved, in the hopes of stopping the being from killing again. Along the way she learns about her heritage, the existence of local and immigrant magics, a whole new cosmology, and her own innate power.

So begin the notes for the Novel Project to be written during NaNoWriMo 2006.

Posting began today - I had hoped to start yesterday, but I came down with a touch of food poisoning that made sitting at the computer...uncomfortable *chagrin*.

For now the blog is pretty closed, but I'm considering the possiblity of opening it as my first affiliates blog with advertising. We'll see how much time I can put to doing that.

In the meantime, if you're interested in the book I'm using to help with this drafting process check out The Marshall Plan Workbook. Is it equivalent to painting by the numbers for novel writing? Sure, but for me, at this juncture of my writing practice, it's working and that's really what matters right now.

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