Heritage Month

June will likely become Heritage Month in our house from now on. Just glancing at my June calendar we attended the annual Scottish Fest the first weekend, then the Annual Filipino Fest (Pagdiriwang) the following weekend, plus Hands Across the Border, a US-Canada Scouting event. Then we missed, but would like to attend next year, the Lummi Stommish Water Festival which usually starts the weekend of Father's Day. It'll be tricky, but I'd love to have the gals go to a powwow of sorts finally.

I've had a couple of interesting conversations with friends lately who don't feel particularly drawn toward knowing more about their heritage or the heritage of where they live. Actually, 'conversation' is likely a stretch, more of a blank look and a slight shake of the head to say "sorry, but I don't get why this heritage stuff is important to you." And I blink and bite back "how could you /not/ want to know what you're connected to?"

What we find changes who we become. -randomness from the 'net

Change is a scary thing for those unfamiliar with those sorts of adventures, especially when it comes to a person's perception of identity, I suppose, but for the Hubby and I, it's part of being alive. Painful sometimes, but oh so rewarding in so many other ways. Our gals have trouble with change, but they're young still and thankfully possessing a curiosity about life that seems to get them through the worst of it. It seems that our job is to mostly keep them safe while they explore and to be as joyous as possible in our own shifts and changes.

So here's a toast to Heritage Month. Our thanks to all for the new stories.

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