Walking Labyrinths

I've been thinking alot about Labyrinths lately, their circularity and sense of returning. Two dimensional versions of my spirals idea, labyrinths evoke movement, change, but also deliberation, a sense of pace while covering nearly the same but not exactly the same area. Although used in meditation for centuries, I have discovered that living a labyrinth is both disorienting and challenging.

I've been moving non-stop since about the middle of February, aspects of my life looping around and intersecting each other - healing arts, storytelling, writing, Filipinana, family. I have a sense that it's all building toward something, a cohesiveness within me, but it's still early and some pieces that I tried to put into place have fallen away, while others have moved forward with such a rapid pace as to be breathtaking.

I walked a labyrinth at Queenswood recently and discovered something I had not realized before - all spirals have a center, all labyrinths have a center, and my own journey has a Center, a deep abiding Center, personal and profound, One that has never left me, no matter how many loops of the spiral I have traveled and gotten lost on. It's a Center I can rely on, startling in It's Ubiquity, uncompromising in It's Love.

And in remembering this I can know that as Tolkien said, "Not all who wander are lost."

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