Romancing the Novel

There's really no other way to put it, other than I'm trying to date my novel again...romancing it, in a sense, but our relationship has been a torrid affair at times, which makes us both a bit gun shy.

But the signs have been building, most recently in Luisa Igloria's poem Olan Olan, with hints of Charles DeLint and the mention of Barry Lopez who said in an interview:

What I'm trying to get at is, look, what distinguishes literatures at the close of the 20th century? Probably the thing all English speaking literatures are after, one way or another, is a definition of community - and an elucidation of what has happened to community in the wake of colonialism, and, in contemporary terms, under the forcing pressure of capitalism.

Lopez talks about the remaking of places by colonalists in their own image and De Lint of the strength of spaces to tell stories and perhaps even possess enough magic to renew themselves into their original Beingness...or perhaps something more like the old yet irretrievably marked by the new... much like Those of Us Who Came After.

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