Name Game

Gura's recent post: name that kid reminds me of a couple of conversations I had with my dad and uncles...

Me: What's Boy's real name?
Dad: Who?
Me (pointing in the general direction of my cousin): Kuya Boy.
Dad: Oh ya, Uncle Lubing's son. Ya, Boy.
Me: Boy is his name?
Dad: Nooooo....not really. He's named after his father.
Me: So he's actually...
Dad: yah...Junior.

Lubing, btw, is actually Illuminado, which brings me to my other uncle who I had always known as Uncle Fred, but at his funeral found out his name was actually Christino. Oddly, when we were all in the Philippines together, everyone called him Uncle Dading. So me, being nosey asks the obvious.

Auntie: Oh well, he was named Christino at birth, but his mother thought it was too strong of a name, so when he was baptised, she named him Alfredo.
Dad (nods): So then we just called him Do, you know for Alfredo and Christino. But in the service (Navy) they just called him Fred. You know, so we (from the States) called him Uncle Fred. But here, they just called him Do, or Da, or Dading. See?

Which of course just made me wonder, who named him Christino in the first place?

(One of these days I'm going to have to work on the phonetics of the FilAm accent - this transcript lacks that certain lilt - aisus!)

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