I /highly/ recommend the short film Lilo and Me by Kip Fulbeck (Thank you Ver!

Multiracial/multicultural moves beyond just race relations between diverse but distinct groups, into the bodies of our children, and even as I struggle with being FilAm and the mental and spiritual bending it creates in my sense of Self, I can only imagine that struggle amplified by the Beingness that is Body.

What I appreciate though about this movie is that it makes the move from angst to self-containment/self-understanding. It tells a story of growth in the face of missing and ignored definitions of self.

This also is the space that will be explored and expressed in the next century, God willing that we exist as a species that long. The question is, how willing are we as artists now, even in our struggle to understand ourselves and express our worldview, to mentor those that are rapidly coming after us, and who we hope will outshine us and bring about the changes and peace we can only dream of or lament for its lack of being?

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ver said...

Such a simple, yet funny and moving little film. His resemblance to Pocahantas in that picture is freaking SCARY!! I'm eager to check out the rest of the videos on his site...