Proud Mama

Bein' a writer mom makes for crazy. No other way to describe the awful choices presented daily, the mental and emotional tumbling that happens when romancing the muse and showing your children they matter. Negotiation and Compromise are words too abstract to depict the clumsy juggling of tender hearts and intentions. There is never enough time, never enough energy, never enough, except that sinking, pervading sense that I am never enough. An exercise in futility? Sometimes. Often.

Life conspires to hope, though, and brings grace unlooked for.

From L.'s third grade report card

L is an absolute amazing writer. Her voice and ability to grasp the reader's attention in remarkable.

She breathes and loves story so much. Her willingness to take risks with her work and get the job done is incredibly inspiring to me. I told her this once and she blinked at me, then ducked her head shyly and gave me a hug.

Then this, by A, who starts kindergarten in the Fall, as dictated to Hubby. Her current passion is Curious George.

Monkey Toy

Once upon a time, there was a little monkey who could not do everything. The Mama and Papa were worried because the little monkey had no toys.

Then the little monkey went for a walk with Mama and Papa in the woods to look for something interesting to play with.

They make a toy and see if it is interesting.

They find a broken hat and a slipper that no one else finds interesting.

They also found an old broken kite.

The End.

There's tension here, the presence of Whether or Not? plus some nice visual/textual detail. Just needs a bit of dialogue...*chuckle*


rcloenen-ruiz said...

Hi Bec,

Such a great post. You know, I find myself wondering how much writing parents influence their kids. I find it interesting to discover that a good number of writer parents also have children who write.

According to a writer a recently interviewed, this comes because our children see our love for words and story and that's how their own love for it comes into being.

But isn't it wonderful to witness young minds blossom in creativeness? :)

rcloenen-ruiz said...

ooops...typo...I meant, according to a writer I recently interviewed. hehe

ver said...

Kids, writing, writing, kids, juggle, juggle...


But it's so fun, isn't it?!!

Jonathan said...

Joy comes in realizing, you don't have to be enough from only within yourself. You're introducing them to One who can be there when you can't, and you yourself can look to Him when you're not enough as well.