My writing here has been difficult mainly because I've been shifting away from the focus I had earlier in 2005, namely, keep in contact with and be part of the Filipino American writer's community.

Midway through 2005, I became increasingly interested in the Babaylan path and how it relates to modern society. I saw the potential in the path to provide a map to creating positive changes and healing during this particularly difficult moment in history. My creative writing effectively stopped as I gathered all I could about babaylan and all the spaces I thought the path would touch. Once such space was this idea of Cultural Sustainability.

Not writing rigorously has been difficult, as my energy poured more and more into developing my ideas on cultural sustainability. This blog became more of a quiet space for me to jot down notes to myself that I wasn't sure were touching on any one else's experience.

Until today.

Today someone from my own county commented on my blog and told me about her project Sound Essence and in tracking down her email, I found A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity (A-WISH), whose major players are all in Washington State. It's been around over 10 years doing what I only imagined was possible.

Spirituality. Healing. Writing. Storytelling. Activism.

Living, breathing, examples of what the babaylan path maps.

And my soul sings YES!

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