Seven Means of Healing

One of my projects is to learn as much as I can about the healing practices and spiritual path of the indigineous healers of the Philippines. It's a long process, but one that is very worthwhile thanks to the many others who are interested in learning more about the practices also.

Last Fall I had heard about seven different modalities of healing, but the terms were all in Tagalog and I couldn't find good definitions. That is, until now.

This article notes:

Hilot is just one small part of the Filipino traditional healing method. There are other healing modalities that Tan pointed out and these include the paligo (that rinsing bath filled with leaves and flowers believed to have healing properties), the oslob (steam inhalation from infusions of air-dried aromatic medicinal herbs), dinalisay (decoctions of a mixture of indigenous medicinal herbs), kisig galing (biomagnetic energy healing), unang lana (virgin coconut oil), tapik kawayan (tapping of thin bamboo sticks to affected parts for circulation and releasing of energy blocks), among others.

It seems, then, that kising galing is the Filipino equivalent to Reiki.

*big grin*happy dance*

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