Karma Chameleon

My iMac died about two months ago - video card just started failing. Due to economics, I've had to replace it with a second hand PC I bought from work after a recent upgrade of all the computers. After twenty years of faithful Mac use, I look forward to a day when I can get a Mac again.

I admit, I'm a bit disturbed that the new Macs will now have Intel chips. I talked with another diehard Mac-user who bought the best of the line that still had a Motorola chip the day they announced the release of the Intel Macs. He said it would be his last Mac and he hoped it would endure. The idea of having an Intel Mac was to him heresy.

Unfortunately, I have already been unfaithful, but I was saddened to hear about the change. I was bouyed, then, when Hubby brought this article to my attention.

“Apple confirmed Thursday it has included such a warning in its Intel-based computers since it started selling them in January.

The embedded poem reads:

"Your karma check for today:
There once was a user that whined
his existing OS was so blind
he'd do better to pirate
an OS that ran great
but found his hardware declined.
Please don't steal Mac OS!
Really, that's way uncool.
(C) Apple Computer, Inc."

The rhyme is poor and the meter uneven, but the heart of it is still all Macintosh for me. So maybe it wouldn't be so bad...once I can afford one again.

In other news, pot outstrips cherries in ag production for my state. My hubby worries that we'll now see a rise in snowboarder immigration.

Dude...we need more twinkies.


Gura said...

condolences on your mac dying. when macs die, they die hard, don't they? Was it the old color iMacs? yeah, one of my client's video cards started failing too. Not sure how much it costs to get the video card replaced.

I've seen those sites where they take an old iMac and make it into a fish tank. Haven't had the time to take on such a project though it would be way cool!

swnrv = the swan song of a mac

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Yep, it was a pretty purple iMac that I bought the matching Kodak digital camera for back when I started grad school in 1999.

My hubby booted her up just long enough shred the disk yesterday - one last precaution before sending her to the next world...she's gone completely. In her place, a gnome of a PC who is valiantly trying to be as useful as Mnemosene even as he knows he'll never be as elegant.

*sigh* Thanks for understanding.