Withdrawal Pangs

I got hooked on Farscape long about Christmas time. I'm one of those late blooming fanatics who catches onto the cool things waaaay past the norm. I didn't see Star Wars (the original) until it's second run late in 1977, but I've been ardent about the series ever since. So when my husband tried to catch Farscape when it first came out, I watched a couple of epi's and thought 'meh, what's with the blue chick? And really, is this what SF has come to - muppets?'

Then I saw said blue chick again on a epi I came across while channel surfing and folding laundry. Blue chick is psychic, see, and she has to confront her inner demons...I'm hooked.

Thankfully my cousin had the complete first season (UK version with more footage) and we just finished the series last night...with Zhaan (the blue chick) on board Moya with Chiana and Rigel, Aeryn's out trying to pluck Criton and D'argo of space, and Crais has captured the baby Talon for his own...

So, short of plunking down the buckaroos for my own set of Season 2, I've signed up for Netflix and hope to have at least the first disk of the season in my hands by..say..not soon enough.

Part of the reason I'm so hooked on the series is Zhaan...besides being a cool character (sentient plant, psychic, herbalist, priestess, kick-ass warrior-gone peaceful), she's played by Virginia Hey my new favorite person in all the world. Turns out, her serene portrayal of Zhaan comes from her use of Reiki during scenes. She actually projects the same energy as she would during a healing session /while/ she's doing a scene. Totally mindboggling.

I'm familiar with moving energy for healing or in martial arts, but to use it in the performing arts, and by extension fine and literary arts...it makes sense, but it's something I never really thought about or used. So, it's something I'll be investigating, letting it sink into all the other research on Filipino philosophy and it's application to Compassionate Activism.

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If you're in the States, check out the Starburst editions of the show. They're $15 for 7-8 episodes so you can get a whole season for about $45, plus they've got some great commentary too. Try DVD Discount.com with free shipping.