Girl Scout CookieTime

Yep, it's that time of year when parents across the country wonder to themselves - what have I gotten myself into? My daughter is supposed to sell /how/ many boxes of cookies so she can go to camp?? Wouldn't it be easier if I just shelled out the bucks instead of begging coworkers and strangers at the mall to buy the blasted sugar bombs?

It's been a problematic thing for me from the start - by nature I'm a pretty quiet person unless I'm up teaching a class. I hated doing retail, loathe anything that smacks of sales or marketing, mostly because it just didn't /fit/ very well. I'm more likely to say if you don't need it, for gosh sakes, don't buy it, no matter how pretty. I was terrible when I had my jewelry business - I'm prone to flattery, so if a customer liked what I had, I would either undercut my price or just give the pair of earrings away.

I suspect it's a carryover from that old fashioned Filipino hospitality that makes it dangerous to compliment a host at times - mentioning that a particular vase is pretty may produce an awkward moment where the complimentor, meaning well, must now decide if it really /does/ fit with her decor at home, while carefully avoiding offending the host who has decided that the vase should be hers.

Last year I volunteered to help with the sale and ended up sole Cookie Mom(tm). This meant herding not only several second and third graders from site sale to site sale, but coordinating their parents, some who were worse than stage mothers, others who were so clueless as to be worse than useless. In between there was the headache of balancing books and boxes, plus the Doomsday reporting for the whole affair. We did okay moneywise, but I was pretty worthless the entire time and I swore to never do it again.

So this year I'm 'just a mom of a Brownie' who's troop has decided that 200 boxes will get them to do the fun stuff they want to do this summer.

And if you see a Girl Scout out there and you see her mom or dad hovering nearby, buy a box of cookies from the gal and a give a latte to the parent. They both deserve it.


Gura said...

My brownie cousin hit up the family at the latest party. We always buy like $20 worth of cookies and pass them around the office. This year she had to figure out how many boxes of cookies I could buy with $21 before I would buy any.

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

*chuckle* Yeah, it can get kind of crazy when the prices change.

I just remember being a Scout myself and my mother looking at me in my uniform saying - "Your the original brownie aren't you?"

And I really don't know if she thought that was a good thing or not. *smile*

Thanks for dropping by!

rcloenen-ruiz said...

Hm, I doubt my son will ever be doing the brownie cookies thing, seeing we don't have that here. What we do have is something called the unicef sponsor walk...My son collected sponsorship signatures from some people I didn't even know and I ended up shelling out the cash for them, because he didn't even remember where they lived. Okay, totally unrelated topic, but just thought I'd let you know I'm glad you're blogging again :) *hugs*

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

*chuckle* I'm /slowly/ easing back into this blogging thing. I got a bit terrified after the holidays - seemed like the blog trend was shifting to more 'professional' work and less off-the-cuff stuff. But then I figured, it's what I make of it, and that's good enough.

I have great sympathy for fundraisers - every year in high school I was required to sell 75 bars of chocolate in the Fall and at least $50 worth of chocolate Easter eggs in the Spring to fund my school bus. I still shudder thinking about it!

The UNICEF thing is something my hubby did as a child around Halloween. I imagine that with the economy the way it is these days, and how the US government seems to proritize war over education, we'll be doing fundraisers until our kids get to college.