Quick Update

One thing that can be said about my blog here is that I tend to talk very little about my family here. It's intentional, a way to create a 'just me' space where I can really focus on topics I don't normally get to discuss with my family because they're in different spaces in their lives.

That said, it's pretty safe to assume that if I'm not writing here, there hasn't been much time for 'just me' space, and that, in fact, my family is taking up quite a bit of time...lots of time.

It's okay, just part of a cycle that I know will come around again. For now, though, I'm taking care of family things, worrisome, yes, but mostly manageable.

So, yeah...I'm just babbling a bit, but when I'm not here it doesn't mean I'm at the store, I've just got a bit more on my family plate than usual.

With affection - keep on keepin' all!


ver said...

I can so relate, Bec! Hang in there. The great thing about the blogosphere is that it's always, well, here.

Ernesto said...

Yup. And I love it when a blogger I like shows up briefly to say "hey! I'm here!".

Hope everything's well.