Headlights in the Fog...

...illuminating the gloom...

"I only put in the stuff that had an impact on me," (Alan Alda) says (about his memoir) in an interview from his New York office.

He tells a story about "The Apple Tree," a mid-'60s Broadway play directed by Mike Nichols, which resulted in a Tony nomination for Alda. But what he recalls in the book is wondering where his career was going.

"The story I tell about standing under the silk shroud in 'The Apple Tree' and my career had come to nothing so far, and then realizing that I was looking at it wrong -- instead of thinking about what I ought to be doing, I should be thinking about what I'm doing," he says, "and make the most of what I have in front of me. ... And that was what was important about 'The Apple Tree' to me."

(Emphasis mine)

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