Mission Accomplished

The beauty of having a mostly flexible schedule is that even if I had planned on only taking a half hour lunch to make up for being at the dentist yesterday, I can take a full hour anyway, and do a half hour lunch tomorrow.

Which means that I was able to write BJ as per Ver's letter writing thingy!

And clean out my purse (it now closes).

*happy sigh*

So letter writing...it's slow going - I type at 80+ wpm - and I found myself wanting to rush, to write faster, which meant my handwriting got more illegible as time went on. BJ and I had talked about the intimacy of writing before, how committing oneself to writing on the page, the physical weight of the pen, the resistance of the paper, the deliberate action of writing, arouses levels of vulnerability and risktaking perhaps unchanneled with a keyboard and screen.

It was, in a word, luxurious, and like luxury, something unfamiliar, having apparently hidden rules and conventions that made the experience new and a bit like being in the first day of school - what will she think? will she like it? is the stationery pretty enough? is my handwriting too small/too big? is my word choice too archaic, too difficult to access? is the text too revealing/not revealing enough? what are the boundaries? what impression am I making?

But like a spell, it was also a moment of binding, of coming together on the page with intent, a connection between two people who have never met. That's magic.

Thank you Ver!

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ver said...

That's the word I couldn't quite find: "vulnerability." Thanks!! I felt more exposed in a letter addressed to to one person than I ever do blogging. Weird.