Healing Katrina's Wounds

The last few weeks have been difficult as I find myself bombarded by reminders that I live in a world where racism not only exists but is apparently making a roaring comeback. During this incredibly tragic time with the devestation of Katrina, we have this sort of crap going on.

I want to ask the same questions as Amardeep Singh . I want to be as articulate as Margaret Cho and as politically/socially aware/active as Lorna Dee Cervantes. But most of all, I just want people to get on with lending a hand.

I know it's all overwhelming. I'm so overwhelmed by the layers, the bright shiny healing ones as well as the seedy malevolent ones, this storm has revealed. I am often frozen just /feeling/ the small ripples that have made their way to my part of the US, across an entire continent. I cannot conceive of what is happening there at ground zero, LA, FL, Carribbean/Gulf.

But nothing focuses intent better than action.

Do what you can. Collect what you love like poetry books and help Eileen give poets in the region hope. If you live close enough, collect school supplies or donate shelter to homeless animals like CaroCrow suggests.

Give what you can, to the relief organizations you believe in.

Go direct: America's Second Harvest

Go shopping/selling: eBay Giving Works

Participate: Blog Relief Day

Find a relief organization: Instapundit.com

Catholic Relief Services and her sister organizations is a charity I support because it brings together my faith and my activism. They are groups with an extensive network of support and volunteer resources that can and do mobilize at a moment's notice. They do not check religious affiliation at the door - anyone and everyone can come to CRS/CCUSA for help, no questions, no prostelization. They have the experience to get done what needs to be done. It's all about getting people what they need when they need it most.

Their blurb: Catholic Charities' niche in disaster relief is to provide long-term recovery work. Based on past disasters, possible long-term services that Catholic Charities may provide include temporary and permanent housing, direct assistance beyond food and water to get people back into their homes, job placement counseling, and medical and prescription drug assistance. To help communities recover from the damage brought on by Hurricane Katrina, Catholic Charities USA is collecting financial donations that will fund agencies' emergency and long-term disaster recovery efforts.

If you decide to participate, you can log that you heard about it from me here , but mostly I'm adding this line in because that's what the Blog Relief folk need us to do. I'm also tagging Technorati.com's flood aid page and Hurricane Katrina page,

This is a chance to make your beliefs concrete, to make a difference because you have acted according to your beliefs.

And I just gotta believe that the people who still read my blog are people who believe that relieving suffering of others is their concern too.

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