Getting a Reading

You can get a pretty good reading of what my life is like if you take a look at my purse.

Under normal circumstances, my purse is a small black fanny bag containing a small wallet, a credit card holder, a calendar, checkbook, a small stack of 3x5 cards (for jotting notes), 2-3 pens, a packet of gum, and a few packets of lactaid. In a separate holster on the fanny pack belt is a cell phone. On good days, this is all I need.Everything is in its place, and all the closures are, well, closed

On more active days, this fanny pack may reside in a larger bookbag merrily covered in pink, green and blue hearts. The fanny pack may share the space with a cosmetics bag that doesn't carry any makeup, but instead holds an eyeglass repair kit, calculator, a packet of Alevert, more lactaid, a mirror and comb, and a pair of seabands. There's also a small moleskin of prayers/bible passages, but there is ample room for a lunch of, say, an apple, carrots, and a sandwich. Even full, the bag neatly zips closed.

Today, though, the fanny pack gapes open, spilling its contents plus miscellaneous receipts, lottery tickets and coupons, into the cavernous Heart Bag. Somewhere in the depths is my cel phone, likely near the bottle of nearly consumed Lactaid. Heaven help me if I'm to find say my checkbook. My journal is in there too, as is my nifty 50th Anniversary pen from work (a heft thing, but it writes beautifully).

From my vantage point, a safe distance from the nearly exploding mass that is the Heart Bag, I can see:

-said cosmetics bag trying to escape the chaos;
-one plastic bag from the dentist containing a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, and two containers of floss (yeah, okay, I get it - I need to floss more);
-one bottle of antibiotics (for above mentioned dental appointment);
-one empty plastic grocery sack (which recently held leftover treats from last night's School Stakeholder's Meeting;
-one smaller empty plastic grocery sack, leftover from yesterday's lunch;
-one eyeglass case with cleaner;
-one overfull plastic sleeve containing: two sets of insurance reimbursement documents, one flyer for a new Hawaiiana memoir book, one flyer for a Spiritual Autobiography class, one bill for childcare plus required calendar, all paperwork from the meeting (see above), phone numbers of folks I've asked references from, HR paperwork for an online teaching position, a recent student loan bill, order forms for the latest fundraising activity, two parent surveys (one for school, one for scouts), a sticky with a desired book title scrawled on its face, and stationery all ready to be made into a letter to BJR.

I think there's more in the HB-o-doom...but I can't tell from here...there is no way the top will zip closed, but even so, I think there's more lurking in the depths...

In a nutshell - look at my purse and you'll know why I've been busy lately...

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